These are unprecedented and challenging times we all are grappling with. This new reality on account of the Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down, if not halted, our personal and professional lives. The whole globe is in a state of virtual lock down and work from home (WFH) is the new norm. While professionally WFH is an effective tool for business continuity, there’s a downside to this at a personal and emotional level.

So how do we address the personal emotional upheaval in terms of work pressure stress, frustration, restlessness while being confined and WFH?

It’s time to step back and position this as an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves and make this as a win- win both professional and personal.

Easier said, but how do we go about it?

Here are some 3 very simple ways to wipe out the sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs and help you become a better you:-

1. Meditation: Simple meditation techniques like visualization and affirmations can re-program subconscious mind and bring you to a state of conscious awareness wherein you operate from a space of choice. Just 15 minutes of meditation each day will improve your cognitive ability

2. Exercise: laziness and lethargy are the biggest inhibiting factors impeding your growth physically and mentally. Just 20-30 minutes of physical activity boosts the oxygen supply (food for your brain) and aids flow of Serotonin in your blood stream, which in turn alleviates your moods and energy levels and helps overcome fear and anxiety.

3. Upskill Yourself: WFH offers you the time for self-assessment…do that and upgrade your skill sets. Identify areas and enrol for online training sessions. Reach out to your mentor(s) for help…..the underlying mantra is upgrade and become a better version of yourself…A NEW YOU!!

Need help? Reach out to us and we will hand hold you