Path to Professional Success

Professional success means a lot of different things to different people. Money. Power. Fame. Perhaps something else

But what we all agree is that it is something that matters to most of us.

However, this is sounding like an ideal world to you?



Does success continue to elude you? Do you feel that you are the one who puts in all the hard work and someone else walks away with the credit? You think you were recently denied a promotion that you thought you deserved? Then you have come to the right place. I am a relationship therapist and life coach who can help you unravel those deep-set fears that could be leading to this. Such issues generally stem from childhood conditioning and shape us into 4 broad categories as human beings. I analyze and diagnose your primary category and conduct sessions of therapy to unshackle your limiting beliefs and enable you to transform your relationship with yourself and set you on a permanent path to success.

How : One to One Sessions
Medium : Face to Face meetings or Zoom Calls

Session Details

Get to know you : A complimentary dialogue

A 30 min dialogue to understand your key challenge or area of concern.

Session 1

  • A deep dive into getting to understand you better and your challenges
  • Detailed evaluation of the best therapies suited to overcome the challenges
  • Decision and alignment on the future course of therapy, sessions required and timelines.

Session 2

  • Discussion recap and feedback of the first sessions
  • Further analysis of the micro issues

  • Preparation for therapy initiations

  • Therapy to begin

Session 3

  • Discusion recap, feedback and inputs from you on the first therapy session

  • Detailed discussion on changes, emotions and any felt impact after the session

  • Action plan of the next session drawn out basis this

  • Structured tool-kit and actions to be taken discussed and provided to you, forming the basis of the next sessions

  • The number of future sessions required and timelines to be discussed and aligned

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