Transform to Triumph

Money, health and inter-personal relationships continue to be the cornerstones of our life. If any one of this is impacted, the other two automatically get affected, as they are all linked in some way or the other. A whole life does need all these three in balance and harmony with each other.

Are you finding any are unbalanced?



Is your financial health a cause of concern for you? Is your physical health taking a toll on you with constant issues? Are your relationships with your peers and spouse going downhill?

Through this Signature program, I will be able to help you provide therapy across 3 verticals and heal your relationships with health, wealth and personal acquaintances permanently.

I will conduct in-depth sessions to uncover and diagnose the deep-seated reason for your issue and provide therapy in accordance using a mix of healing modalities and discussions with you. This promises to transform your life to triumph and set you up for success and happiness for life!

How : One to One Sessions
Medium : Face to Face meetings or Zoom Calls

Session Details

Get to know you : A complimentary dialogue

A 30 min dialogue to understand your key challenge or area of concern.

Session 1

  • A deep dive into getting to understand you better and your challenges
  • Detailed evaluation of the best therapies suited to overcome the challenges
  • Decision and alignment on the future course of therapy, sessions required and timelines.

Session 2

  • Discussion recap and feedback of the first sessions
  • Further analysis of the micro issues

  • Preparation for therapy initiations

  • Therapy to begin

Session 3

  • Discusion recap, feedback and inputs from you on the first therapy session

  • Detailed discussion on changes, emotions and any felt impact after the session

  • Action plan of the next session drawn out basis this

  • Structured tool-kit and actions to be taken discussed and provided to you, forming the basis of the next sessions

  • The number of future sessions required and timelines to be discussed and aligned

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